Visual content, including infographics, has proven to be a highly effective marketing component. Infographics are popular ways of sharing and communicating large amounts of information in a visually interesting way. A person who has no training in designing might think that creating a winning infographic is an impossible task.

Steps to Create Your First Infographic

(Pixabay / Pexels)

You don’t have to be an expert to design top quality infographics, however. Even an amateur can make an effective and engaging infographic with a few simple steps.

  • Set goals — Decide what you want your infographic to accomplish and who you want it to reach.
  • Create an idea — Start by brainstorming. Jot down all of the ideas that come to mind. Then whittle those ideas down until you have arrived at the most promising concept for your design.
  • Research and write — After coming up with an idea for your premise, do your research and find the information to be conveyed by the infographic. Write out your plan in order to ensure that you will be presenting a compelling story from beginning to end. Your structure must be clear and logical.
  • Visualize the data — Decide how your data should be presented visually. Your infographics must be able to teach, compare, change, organize, show contrasts, or explore. Some charts and layouts will be more conducive than others to your message.
  • Choose your color and font — Choosing the right color scheme for your infographic is a key factor. The colors you select could sway people to choose your brand. Next, choose the best font. The right font could add ambiance and personality to your infographic. Make sure it’s readable.
  • Pick your orientation — Decide on the orientation of your infographic, and start planning your wireframe. If you find it difficult to decide on the orientation, just follow the traditional vertical orientation that most websites use. Next, create the visual hierarchy, with the main ideas being the most focal parts of the design.
  • Promote — Find the perfect outlets to distribute your infographic. Use all your social media channels and other outlets at your disposal to distribute your infographic. Have a clearly designed promotion plan before you launch your campaign.

The more infographics you make, the easier the process will become. It may seem overwhelming at first, but following these simple steps can get you moving in the right direction.