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How often do you go to the bathroom and why are you going there? Women can relate to this. When things are getting so emotional, when you see someone you would not want to see or you simply want to scream inside, your destination is the bathroom. Nobody can tell what is inside a comfort room that makes women feel comfortable to share about their emotions or relax after a tiring day. In the 21st century, technology has reshaped the way people live and this includes the changes in bathroom features. Shopping information shows that the new generation or the millennial is a total tech savvy because even their bathrooms are installed with gadgets and features. This infographic provides the different high tech features that you can add to your bathroom.

1. High tech toilets for your comfort and convenience when you are being called by nature. This does not require the use of hands or papers because it has temperature-controlled water, automatic spritzing wands, and dryers which are already used in some parts of Asia especially in Japan. The toilets have warmers, cleaners, and antimicrobial seats. It is certainly good news for people who are considered germaphobes. In addition, LED lights and motion sensors are available. Technology indeed makes a man’s life better.

2. If you are more concerned with your faucets, worry less because there are a high tech and eco-friendly digital faucet for you. You can control the flow of water and its temperature just by putting your hands under the faucet. Such touchless technology is a breakthrough innovation in one’s bathroom. If you want to feel more relaxed without bothering to on or off your faucet, there is also a programmable setting.

3. Who loves to soak in the tub, stay there for a few minutes, and feel the rush of water through her body? A new soaking tub could catch your attention. What else could you wish for a soaking tub that has chromotherapy or mood enhancing light? It is sleek with a modern tub faucet and an air bath. It is an improved version of a Jacuzzi where there are bubbles that feel like you are soaking yourself in a hot spring.

4. A high tech bathroom will not be complete without the gadgets that will keep the user connected especially for those who are working. First on your list could be the refrigerated bathroom that stores your medicine and drinks. Second is the LCD shower panel that can control the temperature of your shower, the flow of water, and music among others. Third, you can also have a waterproof TV or you can cover your iPad and put it beside you. This sounds nice, right?

5. Perhaps, the quietest place in one’s house is the bathroom. Remodelling it depending on your preference for the technology you want to use can improve your bathroom experience. At least, before you go to work or go to sleep, you can get a relaxing feeling that will keep the peace of mind that is essential in making decisions.



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