The Basics of Gold Plating Guns Infographic

Do you realize that you can dress up or able to personalize your favorite firearm? Yeah, you heard us right! Today, there are lots of services that can offer you a gold plating gun – only if you wish.

So, what is this Gold Plating Gun?

As the term goes, it obviously allows you to add a pretty look of gold to your gun or firearm.

If you ask:

“Is it possible to gold plated my entire gun?”

“Can I gold plated only a specific area of my gun?”

The answer is YES.

This sort of idea has been circling for quite some time but only recently it becomes a trend that exploding famously. Some gun owners and collectors adapt to modify their guns and turn it into one of a kind collection they ever had.

First and foremost, gold plated guns are not just for the elites. If you are planning to transform it into a unique gun then try to assess it with these following questions.

1. What is your firearm made of?

A firearm can be made of stainless steel, steel aluminum, plastic, zinc alloys or of these combinations. Thus, the gold plating of your gun will vary depending on the surface material of the firearm.

Let put it this way, your steel gun parts covered with a dark finish which often refers to bluing. So, to gold place your gun you need to remove the finish in order to reach the bare steel in order to gold plated.

Another thing is that most gun owners cover their steel guns in nickel prior to applying gold. This way if in case the gold plating disappears, the steel will be guarded by the nickel barrier.

If your gun is aluminum, obviously you cannot plate it directly onto the surface. You need to take your gun to a professional gun maker or someone that rendered the type of service. Select a professional specializing in bath plating to give it a bright nickel finish. And once the nickel finish was put you can next to the gold plating.

2.  Which Gold plating process is the best?

There are actually several methods of gold plating but the two primary techniques are the bath and the brush plating. So, keep reading and take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of each.

Brush Plating – this is appealing to many for several reasons. In fact, there are no restrictions with regards to the size of your gun. That’s why it is most recommended to firearm owners.

• Lower initial cost usually around half of the bath plating
• Works for guns of any size
• Works for localized plating only if you don’t want to plate the whole gun

• You have no control of the thickness of the plating
• It is more time consuming
• It is more difficult to apply evenly

Bath Plating – this might be the twice of the price of brush plating but is easy and faster to apply with. Take a look at the comparison below.

• It allows you to put an entire item or multiple items in a beaker for coating. It covers the item with a consistent layer to an expected thickness
• Faster than brush plating
• Easy to apply evenly
• Plating can throw into nooks and crannies which can be accessed through brush plating

• It does not allow plating for a specific gun parts
• It does not allow for coating the items that is too large to fit into the beaker

So you already have an idea about the basic of Gold plating guns! If you like it and want to dress up your gun find a service provider that has integrity, shows quality works. And with personal service for the job something that is really rare in today’s world.



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