Time Management Tips for Medical Students Infographic

Studying requires good time management skills because of multiple tasks, outputs, projects and exams and research papers that must be submitted on time. It is hard for a full-time student and much harder for those who have families to attend to, and a job that supports their education. Time is a resource that must be maximized all the time. All deadlines must be met. Hence, planning how you are going to use the time given to you requires management skills. For medical students, here is an infographic that can help you manage time.

1. Mastering every key point in the medical school requires you to study your lessons regularly and rigorously. Some medical students try to memorize all of their lessons in one sitting believing that it is effective for them. However, the truth is all the items remembered for the cramming period are simply stored in the short-term memory. Days would pass and you might forget about it especially if you are not practicing it.

2. For someone who worked hard all night and with a class session that is not strict with attendance, skipping class would be so inviting. However, attending the class and paying attention to discussions can facilitate more learning enabling the student to absorb the lessons rather than reading it through handouts. This is where your time management skills will be tested.

3. Because of the internet, several resources are available online. Studying or reviewing your lessons through online resources, as long as the material is trustworthy and credible, is also effective. To verify its credibility, ask your professor about it or compare it with the resources you got from school. There are also paid resources that are considered credible.

4. Everybody has their own learning styles. There are some who find visual learning more effective but others would still prefer auditory learning. Have you found which learning process is effective for you? If not, you can experiment on yourself about which learning style would make you retain more information and be able to retrieve it during exams. This means that you need to study for weeks or months before the scheduled exam. If you can’t find the best strategy, studying would be difficult on your part.

5. Studying and working could stress you out. So, it is also recommended that you take a few breaks from it. Have some diversions. Have a vacation, do your hobbies, go hiking or have some time at the beach. Include this in your schedule to avoid overlapping it with your priorities especially if exams are coming. You can do it after the exam or when there is no important event in school. Having these activities will refresh you and keep you motivated in going to school.

6. Continuing your medical education may take your time, money and effort but if you finish it and be able to get the degree you have always dreamed about, all of these sacrifices will be worth it. Then, you can have all the time to enjoy your profession and the benefits associated with it.

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