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Content creation has been the new game if you want to gain dominance in the virtual marketplace. However, with all the people making their own content whether it is in free hosted blogs or in their websites, competition has also been tight. Generating leads, new subscribers of your blogs or newsletters and increasing your website traffic could be a good sign that you are doing good. However, this performance must be sustained since a lot of new websites and content can be created anytime. This infographic will help you become more consistent in your content marketing strategies.

1. Everything starts with planning. This plan refers to when you will be publishing the content which can be done through a calendar. Why is it important that you schedule your blog posts?

2. If you properly understand your target market, you will know when they usually go online to surf and read content from the internet. It could also be the time they plan on buying something. If you can’t capture their time on the internet, the opportunity to convert users to become consumer would be lost. Posting schedule must be based on this. On the other hand, you must not be stagnant with your original schedule because it could also change through time. Review and modify your calendar from time to time.

3. Content marketing strategy can only be effective if the content being shared online are reliable and trustworthy and it can capture the interest of the potential customers. However, you can’t simply post everything especially those that are unrelated to your website. You must acquire information to be included in your content. Sometimes, getting this information is time consuming, so you must be proactive.

4. Also, the internet has been a library of both reliable and trash information. You must verify the information you get before proceeding with your content. If the internet does not provide the information that you need, try to communicate with people inside your organization. Get their insights or reviews, you might find it useful when you are writing the content. Ensuring that you get the resources that you need on time will keep you on time for your scheduled posts.

5. Do you write and publish it by yourself? Or you need approval from someone before you can publish anything. The approval process could be different in every industry. You need to estimate the time that the content will stay by your boss’ table. Outlining the approval process will help you create efficient and effective schedule for writing the content.

6. So, what you need to do is collect information on who approves the content and the criteria often set by that person. Work with other people in your departments who are part of the approval process so you can check on the turnaround of your content and the time which it will be published can be easily estimated.

7. All SEO campaigns aim to increase their website traffic with lower bounce rates, high conversion rates and increased subscribers of their blogs. But, you can do it with the right strategy in mind. Plan, create and get approved!



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