Tips-for-the-Holiday-Cleanup Infographic

Do love holidays? Guess, everybody will say yes. What do you usually prepare first? Is it the meal to be cooked, your dress, curtains or the house itself? Holiday clean-up is very important because all other preparations will just follow. During the holiday season, the busiest place could be the kitchen and the living room. Why? Because you will cook a lot and you will have guests coming over to your place. If your house is not well prepared, you would hesitate to invite even your neighbors. Worry less now because there are some simple tips that you can do along with your children.

1. What do you need when you are cooking? Knife, cutting boards, potholders, and other things else must be beside the cooking area for easier kitchen work. Sometimes, the time you consumed looking for misplaced items or organizing the countertops while cooking. Do it ahead of time.

2. If you are done cooking the first meal, you might think of stacking it so you can wash them all together. However, for the holidays you can’t simply do that. You must wash it immediately after use so that when the next cooking time comes, all of the things you need will be ready.

3. You don’t have to spend your time and effort for pre-cleaning your dishes. More so, it will just add on to your water bill. Find a dishwasher that can carry more dishes. It’s efficient and environment-friendly.

4. Foods that contain sugar and caramel may spill over the smoothtops. Some people will just disregard it but if you see it, clean it up immediately because it sticks to the glass, it will become hard to remove. There is a cleaner designed for smoothtops.

5. Have you checked your mailbox yet? Guess, there are many letters and gifts arriving for you. What can you do about it? Some of these items can serve as donations for charity. Sort out all of these, recycle the things that you can but donate other items that can be given to others. This is what the holiday means, right?

6. It is natural that you would keep all the decorations used in this year to be reused again for next year. However, there’s a common attitude among families that they will simply stow all of these decorations away without organizing it. So, when the next holiday season comes, retrieving all of it becomes hard. Hence, it is better if you organize all these decorations before keeping it in your stockroom.

7. Ensure that your heating system is working well before it will be used. Normally, you make a monthly maintenance but double your checking effort when the holiday season comes.

8. Do you have a live tree for your Christmas tree? Just make sure it is watered so that it won’t dry up before the 25th comes. Also, check on the lighting, decorations, and gifts underneath the tree.

9. Most of all, always watch over the fire when you are cooking. It has been one of the major sources of fire accidents.



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