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Learning is fun all the time, but what about the terms you never thought you would even encounter? If you are pursuing a career in the medical field, this is something you can’t escape. You will need to learn all those medical terminologies that would even make your nose bleed. Even during your undergrad years, it is possible that you had hard times memorizing all of the medical terms that have Latin or Greek origins. This could be troublesome and a big factor because you won’t be able to internalize medical scenarios if you can’t understand and recall these medical terms. To help you out, here is an infographic that gives tips on how you could learn these terms faster and easier.

1. Familiarize yourself with the Greek and Latin language. Almost all medical terms have originated from these two old languages. However, it may be hard to read them all. So focus on the terms that are only often used and its meaning. Since medical terms are just derivations, you make an association from the original term to its English definition. It is effective if you read writings and research that make use of these terms. From the context definition, you can easily associate the meaning of the medical term.

2. Visual learning. It’s easy and effective to learn the medical terms using visual aids. One of the cheapest methods is to make flashcards that contain the word and its meaning. Depending on your preference, you can use colored ones or simply white cardboard. You can also ask someone to help you with making the cards as well as when you are already studying it. Learning could be facilitated more if there is fun and excitement when you are doing it.

3. Play some games that would include medical terminology. The most common games played by medical students include Medical Terminology Jeopardy. Mind games make you learn and have fun at the same time. You can do it individually but it is much better if you ask a few of your classmates to join in the game. Use index cards where medical terms are written and its Latin or Greek origin. To add more thrill to the game, why not set a prize for the winner?

4. Use your creativity. For the other tip that you can do, it requires creativity because you will be forming a different word or phrase that is easier to remember. Each letter represents a word or phrase from the original text or simply making an acronym. This is called mnemonics. It makes recalling of a set of terminologies easier. Some students would use words or phrases that they like to say.

5. Therefore, you’ve got four keys toward achieving your goal of becoming a medical practitioner. One, don’t let the unfamiliar Latin words distract you. Focus on the meaning and not on the actual word. Second, find your best way to study. Flashcards work best for visual learners but if you are auditory learner, experiment on which study habit will be much effective for you. Three, play some games that would integrate medical terms to the fun that you are having. Lastly, make use of acronyms to memorize a term with so many words or phrase contained.



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