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Businesses have both highs and lows because there are seasons where people have the chance to buy more products. However, there are also seasons when sales are performing very low. Sellers and retailers both in online and offline marketplaces have experienced such days. One of these dreadful days is the Fourth of July. But Amazon showed that such instability can be counteracted if measures were done prior to this date. These strategies are listed on this infographic.

1. What do your buyers prefer on the Fourth of July? It is a day of remembering the country’s Independence Day and the Americans will be more patriotic. Include souvenirs, displays and other products that will uplift an American spirit. However, you must control your inventory of these types of product to avoid overstocking. Hence, prior to selling on this day, you must understand your target market or what you can call the July Buyers.

2. Discounted products and other promotional activities should be extended. Offer the sale before, during and after this memorable day so you can attract more customers. You should exert more effort to optimize the Independence Day sales. This includes ensuring that orders will arrive before July 4th. You can also extend the sale after this day but not just the products that inspire patriotism but other items that are useful in buyer’s daily life.

3. Have your inventory stayed in the warehouse for a long period of time? Fourth of July is the best day to move it through pushing it to the customers. Feature your promotional campaigns on your website but make sure that the item is really on hand because stock-outs can ruin not just your sales in the month of July but your entire business life. It is best to include the number of stocks available on your account.

4. How will the customers know about your sales promotions? Aside from the websites and social media, customize your email campaign by making it more exciting without spamming your customers’ emails. The email should contain a call to action buttons to persuade the customer to make a purchase decision for your featured products on this month.

5. Make use of banners, headers, and sidebars to showcase your sales promotions. Most of the time, instilling the value of exclusivity or phrases like “limited editions” can make an impression that the items are sought after and it will induce purchase decisions.

6. Get your customers excited for the next year’s Fourth of July deals. Being known for annual sales programs can give them something to look forward to next year. Themes or motifs can be used to entice buyers to subscribe to your website and other information materials such as email.

7. Create contents that will feature holiday-related tips such as the best menu for the Independence Day, family activities that can be organized, or firework safety tips to keep the customers read your website. It might not be that easy to compel them to buy but with consistency, your chance to boost your sales is high.



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