Tips to Clean a Stinky Hat Infographic

Admit it or not but most that users tend to buy new ones once it started to get dirty and stinky. However, if you really like the hat, you must not throw it away so that you don’t need to buy new ones. Some hats are pretty expensive and throwing after use is considered a waste of money. Instead, clean it with your heart so that best results can be achieved. This infographic provides simple steps in cleaning a hat.

1. Baseball caps are custom hats and they need extra care because it could easily deform. Washing it by hands is necessary to avoid ruining its brim. You need to know whether the hat requires hand washing. Then, find the stained areas. Treat the stained areas first before washing the entire hat. Pour the detergent in a damp cloth and smoothly rub it on stained areas. But for washing off the detergent, you have to rinse the entire cap. Let it dry in a stand so that its shape won’t change. Air drying or sun drying is fine.

2. There are also hats that can be washed through a machine. Again, check the label first before assuming that your hat can be washed through a washing machine. Remember that washing machines can squeeze your item very hard and it can cause deformities. Before putting the hat inside the washing machine, pre-treat the stained area using a stain remover. Even before using the detergent, it should be tested first with hidden areas of the hat to make sure that it won’t fade its colors. Then, wash it in the machine while setting it to soft or gentle cycle. After this process, air dries the hat.

3. If you are a hat collector, you can probably see the difference in the materials used to make hats. There are hats that are made of soft fabrics while others are made of wools. If you are not sure how to clean it, better check the instruction attached in the hat or ask the sales personnel.

4. Wool hats may require a different kind of cleaning process. You can’t use regular laundry detergent, instead, you must find a detergent that is intended for wools. Wash it using lukewarm water and you need to wear gloves to protect your hands from the cleaning process. Soak it for a time period, rub the areas that have stains and dirt will just come out. After that, you can remove it from the water and just lay it on a flat area; let it dry through the air.

5. These are simple things to do to clean your loved items. An accessory will suit your outfit for the day and you can wear all over again if it is cleaned from time to time. Stop the laziness and stop resorting to buying new hats. Get a stand where you can put all of your hats so that it won’t mix with other garments and it will not be included in other clothes washed using the machine.



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