Tips to Keep Your Brakes in Perfect Condition Infographic

If you would ask the ones who look closely at the accident rates in the country, especially the accidents caused by vehicular crashes, they would probably say that most of the causes of the accidents are lost brakes that have malfunctioned. There are cases that even if you have checked these brakes, you suddenly lose control over it. This happens when you were not able to properly check and maintained the brakes perfect condition. As it is an essential part of your car and an essential factor in your safety, you must follow the tips on this infographic discussing the proper ways of cleaning the brake and its accessories.

1. The perfect solution is the brake cleaner. A problem with other car owners is the fact that they are not so diligent in cleaning the brakes and its pads. They use water or other chemicals to clean it. Remember that your car’s brakes are made of iron, unless, of course, if it is an expensive car with customizing parts. However, when the brakes start to rust, you can’t do much because that is its natural characteristics.

2. What about the calipers? Just like the brakes that are rusting, once the calliper starts to rust, you will not be able to stop it. Calipers come in shiny silver or cadmium plated and to be able to lengthen its lifespan, you can use calliper paint. You can use paints with color red and yellow, but it is not so necessary. However, since it is your car, you can choose which color you want.

3. The brake discs need the brake cleaner as well. However, when you see that there is corrosion in the face of the discs, you will not be able to remove it. Instead, shine it through and you are good to go. The discs are the face of the brakes. Keeping it look goodwill at least ease your mind when you are going for a long travel.

4. Have you gone to an auto repair shop for paintwork? If you did, kindly check on the brakes and you can surely see some spilled brake fluid in that area. Brake fluid is not very corrosive but since prevention is better than cure, it is recommended that you will clean as soon as the paintwork is done. Brake fluid is soluble in water so what you need to do is just to pour lots of water in the area and wipe it off with a cloth. If you ever get the fluid into your clothing, detergent and water can clean it thoroughly.

5. Sometimes, the brake fluid spills because of a not so good driveway, causing troubles not just to yourself but to others as well. But, do not panic because it can be easily removed. The first thing that you need to do is grab a hose, and flush a lot of water in the spilled area. If water can’t get rid of it all, you can use soap, detergent or any other scrub materials.



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