Tips-to-Take-Care-of-Your-Gold-Plated-Jewelries InfographicGold plated jewelries require much care and attention from the owner unlike with the real ones. It is prone to tarnishing, scratches and fading if not properly cleaned and protected. However, there are owners who are negligent about their jewelries. Though gold plating solutions can help the jewelry return to its original appearance, you can maintain its shining look by doing simple things you often forgot. These activities that cause the blemishing are listed in this infographics. By avoiding this, you can enjoy your gold-plated jewelry even longer.

1. Spraying perfume while the jewelry is on is a no-no. Normally, a person would take the clothes after taking a bath, then wear the jewelries and spray him or herself with perfume. This could be negligence because you must remember that perfumes contain chemicals that will react with the metal element of the jewelry. Its effect could be worse than water. So, before you wear your jewelry, spray with perfume first.

2. Creams and lotion can also be detrimental to the gold plated jewelry. The same with perfume it has an effect on the jewelry. Before wearing the jewelry, let the lotion dry first or wait until it is thoroughly absorbed by the skin. If you can’t wait any longer, better wipe your skin with clean cloth to ensure a dry skin.

3. Since it is gold plated, it can be easily corroded by nail polish and nail polish remover. It actually makes the jewelry tarnish easily because of the reaction of the metal plated item against the chemical element present in the nail polish. So, before you sign up for a manicure session put all your jewelries away.

4. Physical work and exercise will make you sweat. And this is not good for the gold plated jewelry. Sweats contain chemicals that can affect your bracelets. Remove it first before running a lap. Aside from that you prevent it from getting lost. Most of all, remove the jewelry when you are swimming. Definitely, it will fade after the swim since it will react with the water whether you are swimming in a pool or in sea water.

5. After using the jewelry, don’t forget to clean it with a soft cotton ball to remove the dust. It will restore its shine and lengthen its useful life. If the cotton ball is not enough, you can clean the jewelry with warm, soapy water but not with jewelry cleaners and antibacterials because it contains materials that tarnish it more quickly.

6. Lastly, though gold plated jewelries are prone from scratches, you can prevent it by wrapping it in a soft cloth after use. But, it would be much better if you can keep it in a jewelry box so it can be separated from the other jewelries that you have.

7. You must take care of your jewelries so you can continuously wear it especially during occasions. Gold plated jewelries shine so well that will make you look gorgeous, classy and sophisticated.



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