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Cannot focus so well on your task at hand because of toothaches? The ache must be very disappointing and annoying at the same time. Nobody would like to experience toothaches because you would feel despondent. There are some factors why you experienced toothaches. To help you avoid them, the following are the top reasons for toothaches.

1. Teeth are misaligned and wisdom teeth are impacted. Aches and pain will be the result of the teeth pressing against each other while wisdom teeth that are impacted can be awfully painful as you feel a small bump on the skin that produces a yellowish substance that is formed when a part of the body or a wound becomes infected. This is really infuriating especially when you are sleeping in the night. A Utah dentist would suggest solution such as braces, surgery and other means to align the teeth and to address the problem of your impacted wisdom teeth.

2. Brushing or flossing is improper. When you brush or floss your teeth, you are sometimes unconscious that you are pressing too strong on your teeth. Because of this manner of cleaning your teeth, your gums are sometimes inflamed and irritated. Thus, you need to follow proper brushing technique so you can take care of your gums. You also need to use toothbrushes that are bristled.

3. Unconsciously gritting or grinding the teeth. If you have the habit of grinding your teeth during stressful situation, it could result to jaw, neck and tooth pain because you are violently tightening your jaw back and forth which stressed your muscles.

4. Fillings or dental sealants are damaged. To prevent dental decay or cover imperfections in the teeth, dental fillings are applied. When these filling are damaged, vulnerable and sensitive parts of the teeth are exposed to food particles and bacteria. If the pain gets extreme, you might need to consult a dentist so that you can get proper advice.

5. Sensitivity of the teeth. Once you experienced tooth pain when taking cold or hot, it means your tooth’s nerve that lies in your teeth is exposed. To lessen this feeling, you need to use toothpaste made for teeth that are sensitive.

6. Fractures of the teeth. There are different ways how you can get fractured teeth. It could be by accident when you play your favorite sport or when you bite something hard. When you feel excruciating pain, it means that the fracture is getting worse.

7. Disease in the gum. If the gums are inflamed, you can see the red and bleeding gums. Mouth is infected because of a toothache and it should be treated as soon as possible. If left untreated, it will cause damaged teeth, gums and bones.

8. Painful area of inflamed tissue that is filled with pus. If tooth decay spreads to other teeth, you would not immediately determine which tooth causes the pain because it goes down the root. This is alarming and needs immediate attention. You need to consult your doctor to stop the tooth decay from spreading to other part of your teeth.



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