Top Google Searches 2019 Infographic

Another year has passed by and a new year is about to unfold. What are your expectations for 2020? For sure, it will not be exactly the same as in 2019 but you still need to know what has happened during the past year. Why? Because you can learn from it and avoid the same mistakes so that you can move forward and get on with a better life. 2019 was also full of ups and downs not just in your life but also in the world as a whole. Things happen for a reason. This infographic shows the different items that were searched by the people in categories like people, news, lifestyle, movies, actors and many other things. This will give you a glimpse of the highlights of the past year. So, try to check each name, word or phrase and see what you can remember about it.

1. People want to about people and that is nature. But, it does not mean that you want to intervene in their life. Antonio Brown, Jussie Smollet, James Charles, Kevin Hart, and R. Kelly were the top searches for people. What have they been so famous about? Think or search for them again in search engine sites.

2. News is something everybody watched out for every day because you must know where the hurricane already is or how the Notre Dame Cathedral got the fire. Even if people are now living in the United States and they know that such calamity would happen so that you can also prepare at your end. The Women’s World Cup was also one of the events that were watched out by many people and if you can’t come in person, then, the watched it through the internet.

3. Due to dangers brought by many diseases, people have started to shift to a healthy diet. If you got an ounce to lose, you must have searched for the best way to lose it. Could it be the intermittent fasting diet, Dr. Sebi diet, Noom diet, 1200 calories diet or Golo diet? If you failed to follow any of these diet regime, it is not too late for 2020.

4. Was the real estate industry during this year? Probably, as people searched for various home styles. Would you prefer a farmhouse style, colonial house style, Cape cod house style or Spanish style? You don’t want to stay in a house that would look haunted rather than artistic right? This must be the reason why people searched for it a lot before buying one.

5. Fashion for 2019 has been distinct from the previous years. Have you tried EGirl Outfit, Eboy Outfit, Soft Girl outfit, Biker shorts outfit, or VSCO outfit?

6. Has 2019 been good for you? Have you traveled to beaches or mountains? Have you ever wondered about the beauty of Maldives or the cherry blossoms of Japan? If you are an all-nighter, Las Vegas could also be a good spot for you. But, of course, you will search for the beautiful places in this country before going there. Therefore, these countries could be the most visited one.



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