Top-Ways-to-Make-You-Smile Infographic

If you smile, you transfer happiness to the people around you. However, some people find it hard to smile because they have crooked teeth, bad breath or unhealthy gums. If such is your problem, go visit a doctor because there are solutions to your dental problems. But, when the cause of unhappiness is psychological, what you need to lighten up the mood is to do simple things such as the ones listed in this infographic. You don’t need to spend a lot just to smile wide, as they said; the best things in life are free. Nature, exercise, music, and a funny person will complete your happy day.

1. Upon waking up, try to open the window and enjoy nature. Morning light, the sound of trees and wind can create an atmosphere that will stick into your mind for the rest of the day. That is why even condominium units try to include nice scenery in designing the building. But, a natural one can be more refreshing.

2. It is uncommon to say that daily exercise is a necessity to have a healthy and fit lifestyle. But, it can also make you smile because movements keep the flow of oxygen better inside your body. It releases happy hormones that can make you smile.

3. You are blessed if you got some funny person inside the office who can tell jokes and stories that will keep you from frowning. Spare a few minutes of your time before getting into your own desk. Laughing releases the bad feelings you’ve got.

4. What do you do during weekends? Though a lot would say they would just sleep a lot, it is not really a good option. Lying down for a long period of time will make your body weak and sluggish. Instead, do something nice. Sing, dance, or do your hobby. It will make you productive and active.

5. Tune in to your favourite radio station and listen to music. It eases the soul, calms the mind and steadies the heart. If you are angry, stressed or burnt out, get a few good songs saved in your music storage. However, you must avoid depressing music. Others would suggest avoiding a certain genre of music.

6. Having your own car keeps transportation fast and comfortable. However, you might be taking the same route every day. Explore the neighbourhood by joining the commuters. It could take you to scenic ways going to your work. A few minutes of delay are worth the smile it can give. The tip is you must wake up early.

7. Pamper yourself with a nice and delicious meal which does not need to be expensive. You just need to enjoy every bite that you take by eating slowly, tasting the menu very well.

8. It is true that social media has become part of a person’s living. However, there are times when the updates in your news feeds are not positive. You can react to it and if it is a problem that you can associate yourself with, you also get sad and weak. So, have some time off with your social media accounts.

9. Get yourself close with people who always smile.



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