Two Amazing Stories of Super-Sized Gold Nuggets Infographic

Do you have gold accessories that were passed on by your grandparents? This could have a higher value as of now because its value continues to appreciate through the passage of time. This could be the reason why treasure hunting has become part of other people’s obsession. That is also why when a family’s heirloom is made of gold they try to find gold plating kits to preserve it. Gold is one of the oldest currencies used to buy items. These gold coins are formed from gold rocks that are found in many parts of the world. As it is a natural element, it could be hidden from the underground. There are metal detectors used to find gold, however, these two stories from the 19th and 20th century may have found it without using it. Know more about the details of the supersized gold nuggets in this infographic.

1. This gold was called Welcome Stranger. In 1869, John Deason and Richard Oates were able to find a gold nugget that was 2,520 troy ounces which were equivalent to 156.6 pounds. The gold nugget was found in Moliagul, in Victoria, Australia. Deason and Oates did not keep the gold for themselves. They were only paid for finding it but the gold was melted and was formed to many items. The value of this gold nugget using today’s money is believed to have reached up to $3.8 million. Finding gold nuggets lead to many others encouraged to discover it in their countries and so those who have inclinations in finding gold invest a lot of mining, hunting and excavating wherever there is a lead about the presence of gold.

2. There are many gold rocks that are hidden but because of developments, these are unearthed and its beauty is shown to the world. Mining is an old industry trying to look for gold. One of the successful mining excavations was at Serra Pelada Mine in Para, Brazil. Excavators were able to dig a part of a much bigger gold nugget. The bigger nugget weighs around 5, 291 troy ounces that were broken due to excavation. However, the gold nugget that was found weighs only 1, 955 troy ounces or 134.1 pounds. The gold nugget is placed in Banco Central Museum in Brazil. Until now, it can still be viewed there.

3. These are just two stories of the known found gold nuggets. However, there are many untold stories about treasure hunting and gold finding. Some hunters do not announce what they have found because they just keep it and sell it through different intermediaries. But, thanks to them discovering and using gold is not limited to a few people only. If you happen to find gold or gold items that were treasured by your parents or grandparents, keep it safe and preserve it in such a way that you can also pass it to your child or grandchild. If you found this infographic helpful, you can research more about infographics about gold and ways to preserve it.



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