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The digital age provides access to customers to many types of products and services that can be bought anytime, anywhere. This trend shows that being a click away from a customer should be the primary goal of an enterprise. In line with this, businesses have joined the digital business transformation by setting up their own website or sell their products through different e-commerce sites such as Amazon. Regardless of the site, you are leveraging, these marketing tips are necessary to ensure survival in the online marketplace especially among the startups. .

1. Setting a good website is not enough. A website is useless unless it can draw in users and convert them into customers. Launching it untimely can cause annoyance to customers. Some just can neither bear your “coming soon” ad and page redirects. So, don’t be too aggressive by and wait for the right moment.

2. It is obvious that one of the major drawbacks of an online business is the fact that customers can’t feel, smell or taste your product. But you must find a way to offset this aspect since you can do nothing about it. What else can you offer to them? Simple, use pricing strategies, fast shipment and after-sales services.

3. Don’t be blinded by your own website. Not because of the user interface, design and dynamics are good at your end, it may not be the same to your customers. So, be a customer who’s exploring your own website. Test it and invest in analytics.

4. Among all of the internet marketing strategies, this must be the most in trend: the use of social media. Having a Facebook, Twitter or Instagram account can boost your online engagement. Remember that people almost breathe with these social media sites and if you can’t get in there feeds, your beautiful website might go to waste.

5. In addition, you should include some social elements on your sites. Review and testimonials can influence other customers’ purchases. It’s a risk, but it’s worth it.

6. Selling on e-commerce, sometimes, come out because of a hobby. However, when you already have made it a business venture, don’t hesitate to invest more time and effort. You must be perceived as a serious businessman, and your business should be taken seriously as a thriving business. Without these elements, you can’t win the heart of your customers. They need to feel your intentions and that is to satisfy them.

7. Business is like fighting a war; you need to have some weapons. In business, this includes investing in useful software. This can protect and ensure the user-friendliness of your website. Some customers have hesitation towards buying online but by showing safety purchasing system, you can gain their trust or loyalty. And they will get back to your website for more purchases.

8. There is a marketing relationship called customer-managed relationship and consumer generated marketing. That includes making your customers to be the advertiser, opinion leader and influencer for your products. Once you gain it, standing out in the competition will flow easier but successful.


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