The human brain loves visuals – videos, portraits, memes, and infographics. If you search the Internet, you will find plenty of statistics supporting the effectiveness of these eye-pleasing presentations.

Visuals help us focus our attention and retain information. Tweets with images and infographics are just a couple of examples of visual displays that are shared over and over again online.


Use Visuals to Build Your Business

(pixabay / Monoar)


There are many ways of using visuals to attract your clients.  Here are just a few:

  • Present your offerings in an eye-catching way – Giving your clients a long list of services could be either overwhelming or boring. There are simple ways of delivering the information that will have greater appeal. Think of ways to display your products and services beautifully.  Draw on high-quality images and infographics.  Eliminate excessive text and amateur photos.
  • Promote deals with style – Announce upcoming sales with catchy infographics.  This is a great way to present numbers and percentages tied to your sale.  Capitalize on holidays and cultural events in your promotions; you will get more engagement when you link your sale to a special occasion. Emphasize the images instead of the text.  It is estimated that the human brain will remember 80 percent of what it sees and only 20 percent of what it reads.
  • Share free content – Everybody loves free stuff. You can easily secure contact information from potential customers in exchange for a free download of an infographic or other visual entity. Try offering a downloadable kit instead of demos or trials.
  • Showcase customer feedback – Some visitors will give you only seconds on your website, which means that you have to catch their attention quickly. Displaying your customer reviews prominently using attention-getting visuals could convince visitors to read them and, ultimately, make a purchase. Remember that customers today rely heavily on reviews to persuade them to make a purchase.
  • Make your clients aware of your brand – Using visuals for brand awareness is a lot better than relying on text. Make sure that your brand is associated with an eye-pleasing logo and other visuals. Seeing is believing.  Win your customer’s visual attention, and you’ll create a loyal following.

If you’re looking to grow your business, make sure that you are drawing on the power of images to resonate with your target audience.