When it comes to Valentine’s Day, people often show their affection through their wallet, so marketers are wise to seize the holiday to build their business.  One of the best ways to promote a product is through infographics. Infographics convey a lot of material in a very limited space, making them a prime tool for marketers.

To inspire your creativity, we’d like to share a few of our favorite Valentine’s Day infographics:

  • International Valentine’s Day  – This infographic features different Valentine’s Day traditions from unique countries of the world. Traditions from several countries are clustered together by theme with an image related to the shared traditions.
Valentine's Day Infographic Ideas

(PixelRoadDesigns / Ashley Welter)


  • Valentine’s Day by the numbers – This infographic presents a brief history of Valentine’s Day. Different sections of it show glimpses into the way people celebrate in different time periods.
Valentine's Day Infographic Ideas

(DailyInfographic / Lindsey)


  • Relationship Flowchart – If you want to determine the best options for celebrating Valentine’s Day based on the strength of your relationship, this one’s for you.  The chart starts with a question: “Can We Date?” An arrow then flows down from that questions to ask other relationship qualifying questions. More questions and answers follow.  Some suggest that viewers plan a romantic dinner for two, others direct them to the closest bar.
Valentine's Day Infographic Ideas



Infographics convey a beautiful story with minimal use of text and liberal use of images. They provide a winning way to share information and boost sales.