Value Add: Does Roofing Add to Your Home's Resale Value Infographic

Roof replacement is a costly investment that can be repaid when selling your home, but it may also result in more expenses than the increased home value. The financial return depends on your situation, and factors to consider include whether you make money on the transaction or if the return-on-investment is insufficient to cover the costs.

The Current Condition of Your Roof

Buyers are often hesitant to pay market value for a house if it has a failing roof, as they are aware of the cost of replacing or major repairs. If the roof is in poor condition, it may also reveal other hidden surprises. Deferred maintenance can also scare buyers, leading to lower offers. To address this issue, it is recommended to consult local roofing contractors to assess if simple repairs can fix the issue and if the roof has outlived its expected lifespan. If the roof is old or showing signs of failure, replacing it can increase the home’s value and make it easier to sell.

Roof Choice

Roofs come in various styles and price ranges, and it’s important to consider the type of roofing on your home before making a decision. Over-improvement can lead to a loss of money when it’s time to sell. High-end roofs may be worth it if you love their appearance or longevity, but if you base your decision on resale value, it may be better investments. Conversely, cheaper roofs with shorter warranties and unmatching appearances may decrease your home’s value.

When selling your home, avoid personal decisions, as buyers may not want to reroof due to style preferences. Stick with neutral choices that appeal to most buyers. While you may be willing to pay for the best-looking, reliable roof and expensive features like skylights, skipping extras and opting for a mid-grade roof product may yield a better return on investment. In summary, it’s crucial to consider the type of roofing on your home and avoid over-improvement to ensure a successful sale.

Local Market Conditions

In a hot market, buyers are more discerning and willing to overlook minor details, as they have many options. They are more likely to walk away from houses with roof issues or older roofs that need replacement. Local real estate agents and appraisers can help determine if the housing market conditions favor selling the home as-is or if replacing the roof could lead to a faster sale and money back.


Buyers appreciate “new” homes, as they feel confident in not facing significant expenses. Including “new roof” in your listing can give you an advantage over competitors. Older homes with a new roof can prevent costly repairs or replacements, potentially converting potential buyers into buyers. Investing in a new roof can lead to a faster sale and higher price.

A new roof can be a significant incentive for buyers, but it’s not always a guarantee of a positive return. Factors like the home’s condition, the real estate market, neighborhood norms, and its listing and showing ability can help determine the return on investment.



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