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Usually, couples would opt for a date outside the house. They would look for a romantic place where they can talk, sing, laugh and make lovely gestures. But, why do you need to spend much for this place when you can do it at home? The kitchen is a good place to have intimate conversations. It is also a place where you can share love through cooking your favorite menu. You don’t need to spend time, money and effort going somewhere else. Remember, it’s not the expensive gift that makes love grow, it’s the two people wanting to be part of each other especially in this special occasion. This infographic shows best ideas on how you can make your kitchen a romantic place to have a date with your loved one.

1. Cheers to more years of being together. This is why wines are always a symbol of celebration. If you have a wine rack at your kitchen, it’s time to arrange it. Probably, it contains lunch boxes and after-school snacks. But for the valentine’s day, get rid of these things. Put some wine there because a romantic kitchen should be comfortable and relaxing and a bottle of wine can add accent to that romance.

2. On Valentine’s Day, send the children to their grandparents so you will have more time together. If there are only two of you in the house, you don’t need a large dining table because it will just create space for both of you. Instead, remodel the kitchen and add a breakfast bar where you can eat while staring with each other. It will make you feel more intimate and in love.

3. Another important aspect that makes a house look romantic is the lighting. Definitely, on the regular days, lightings are not that given more attention to. But for Valentine’s celebration, you can switch them off and replace them with chandeliers. It creates a cozy environment. The dim light will keep the love and passion burning for both of you.

4. Soft shades which are traditionally used also help in making a more intimate space for the couple. Clean the entire area thoroughly leaving no stains behind.

5. When you cook, the smell of whatever you are cooking sometimes stay inside the kitchen area. Frying could be the easiest way to cook but its smell is also the hardest to eliminate. But, there is an easy way to remove this smell. Boil white vinegar in water and let the smell be sucked up in it. After a while, the smell will be eliminated.

6. Musty odors are bothering. There’s no way aside from getting a dehumidifier to get rid of the moisture. Also always remember to empty your tanks all the time.

7. Who would ever like a house that smells like garbage? Even if you are throwing them away at night, it will leave bad smell inside the house. You can get an air freshener but an alternative way is also effective. You just need to grind up lemon peels and salt.

source: https://www.washingtonstatekitchenbath.com/articles/ways-make-kitchen-romantic-valentines-day-infographic/


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