Web Design Secrets That Increase Sign Ups and Sales Infographic

Web designing is a combination of science and art and business knowledge to be able to capture the interest of the target market. Some web designers find it easy to make a template or make a program however not all of them don’t understand how it would be used by the customers. This infographic will provide guides and insights that will help you increase your sales using the website.

1. Have a clear value proposition that is highlighted on the website. Users often bookmarked a website that can provide them the information they needed especially if they are about to make decisions for their purchases. This could be in the form of texts, images, videos, graphics and other elements that could be present on the website.

2. Keep the website simple but sassy. No user would like to bother browsing through difficult navigational tools that you include in the website. Too much inner pages could also be boring. Users would prefer a website with user-friendly interfaces.

3. What is the theme of the website? What do you sell? Which colors should be appropriate? A color combination is a trick to keep the user browse through the pages of the site. However, there is no general formula for choosing the best color palette. Just do trial and error until your eyes get satisfied.

4. What strikes first upon opening the website is the headline of the page. Hence, you must create this bold and concise. With a catchy yet meaningful headline, the user can see whether the information they need is in your website or not. If it is, they would be compelled to browse and navigate your page- such is what you call a catch.

5. Reading a website can be exhausting especially if there is no white space where you can let your eyes rest. But, of course, you can’t leave too much white space because the website might appear empty. Enough white space can be a leveraging strategy.

6. What makes a website legitimate is the fact that it is active and the administrators have active social media accounts. So, you must instruct your web designer to link your site to your company’s official Facebook Page, Twitter or LinkedIn to be more credible.

7. Be consistent. It is a key in ensuring that the targeted audience will be drawn into your site. Conversion often happens if the users are not annoyed with the website’s too many calls to action buttons, overloading information and unnecessary widgets.

8. Loading and buffering is never good for a website. Because of this bounce rates are high. Avoid big files or contents that take too much time to load.

9. For scanners and readers, creating headline sand sub headlines should be a crucial part because it catches the attention of the users first. For the structure of the content, an inverted pyramid could work best because the most important points are read first. If they find it interesting, they can read the rest of your content and that is a good indication for your website.

source: https://www.utahsites.com/8-web-designs-that-get-results/


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