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Do you buy gifts for someone you love during Valentines? Do you use the search engines to find out what’s the best for that person? Most of the customers are now going online to look for the valentine gifts they wished to give to their partner, friend, parents, and even their neighborhoods. Thinking about this scenario, you can make your business convert these searches into actual customers. Website optimization and internet marketing are the right strategies during this time. This infographic will help as you implement your campaign to boost profit.

1. Analyze your target market. You might think that because it is the time for couples, your audience will just be partners or husbands and wives. But, if you stick with this segment, you will lose the opportunity to target a wider market that is more substantial and more profitable. Your campaign should focus on the emotion of people who want to buy gifts. For example, a lot of singles are buying teddy bears or flowers for their friends or mothers. Others would also buy for their pets. So, make a proper profile of your market and don’t limit your segmentation process to their demographics.

2. Keywords are the words used by the customers when they are searching online. Because this is the time when your contents will focus on words that will be associated with love, generosity, and gift-giving, be critical in your choice of keywords. It will help boost your website on the first page of search engine results page. However, some keywords are very generic that joining the competition would be difficult if you don’t have much knowledge on search engine optimization. You don’t need to compete for head on; you just need to be strategic.

3. Aside from keywords, right timing is also very critical. When is the best time that a person would buy gift intended for the Valentine’s? Definitely, it won’t be more than 30 days before the occasion and a few would go for a rush hour a day before. But, the best time is when searches and clicks are high. Analyze your market and predict when are they going to search for the gifts they want to give?

4. Because of mobile internet, searches using this medium have been noticeably high. In 2016, 48% of the searches were done on a mobile device and it is expected to go higher this year. Mobile optimization can be tricky because some websites are designed for desktops or another device only. However, you can’t get away with this trend in searching. Customer engagement can only be maximized if you can make mobile-friendly websites that will allow the customers to access your products whenever and wherever they are connected to the internet.

5. Valentine’s season is a great way to make your online marketing campaign because this is the time when people have good vibes and they would look for products more often thinking about their loved one. They also have the tendency to spend on expensive items which are also beneficial for your business.



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