What to Publish on Your Beauty Brand Social Media Account Infographic

Social media is more than just a means to kill time and have fun. It is a chance to accomplish your professional objectives. For permanent makeup artists, social media marketing is about forming connections, conversing with your audience in thought-provoking ways, and presenting your work in order to increase brand recognition and expand your business.

Businesses today want to leave their mark on social media networks. If everyone is doing it, how can your company differentiate itself from the competition? Any beauty brand agency will concur that the secret to standing out from the competition is to produce the correct content for your followers.

Regular Content Posting Is The Strategy

The foundation of every business strategy is content. The best approach to advertise your microblading business or display your PMU artistry. You connect with, communicate with, and establish a lasting impression on your target audience by delivering consistently relevant material to them.

The Five Most Useful Content Types

Where does a PMU artist start when there are so many social networks, platforms, and ways to interact with your audience? Let’s look at what advice experienced marketers most frequently provide to their clients.


Videos are more likely to be shared and engage followers. Your audience will better understand you and your brand if you use these media. It increases website traffic and converts browsers into buyers. The success of Instagram Reels and TikTok videos shows that creating engaging content does not require expensive tools or a large budget.

Instagram offers a variety of useful tools for creating and broadcasting videos among these. The viral trends on this social media platform can help business owners better understand their target audience.


In social media networks, images are the second most beneficial and often utilized sort of content. Most people would rather look at a picture of something than read about it. By using photographs to communicate with one another and with you, your followers can create User Generated Content (UGC).

The most popular website for sharing images online is Instagram. Another fantastic platform for sharing images with customers seeking inspiration is Pinterest. You can convert photographs into shoppable content on both networks. You can therefore use a picture to link to your booking website.

Written Articles

Even if the top two content delivery methods are videos and graphics, writing is still a potent marketing tool, especially if you update frequently. Regular publishing helps your audience become accustomed to your voice, tone, and brand. Regular blogging will make your brand stand out from the competition. By publishing, you give your followers a better understanding of who you are and you can get to know them better.

Reddit, LinkedIn, and Twitter are excellent tools for retaining audience interest. Questions, polls, and quizzes that are entertaining for your audience and provide you with useful feedback can be included in your written content. By adding to chat threads, you can continue conversations.


Think about employing stories to increase audience engagement and provide fresh experiences. Most social media networks prioritize stories, increasing the likelihood that users will see them. Stories are highly captivating to audiences because they are timely and interactive. Interactive elements, stickers, noises, and filters further encourage the creation of more imaginative and expressive material.

Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are some of the greatest platforms for sharing Stories. Only Instagram allows you to turn your Stories into Highlights on your profile and keep them up for longer than 24 hours.


Live videos, sometimes known as “lives,” let you interact with viewers in the present. Question and answer or how-to sessions are excellent ways to assuage any apprehension your prospective clients may experience before booking and to make them aware of what to expect.

Follow your own judgment

The platform that you and your potential clients utilize often will be the most effective one. If you need help getting started, consult your beauty digital marketing company. They can assist you in identifying your target market, the platforms they favor, and the types of material they consume most frequently.

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