When-to-Hire-a-Workers-Comp-Attorney Infographic

Being hurt on the job and simply waiting for the actions of the employers will not give you the compensation you deserve. More so, the insurance carriers will also not be of help if you won’t initiate the process of claiming for compensation. A lot of workplace accidents compensation goes to waste because the victims are not aware of their rights and privileges. They do not have an idea on how to process their claim. Before doing anything, read this infographic that answers the question, when do you need to hire a workers compensation attorney?

1. Before going through hiring an attorney for your claim, first, you must know that employers are required to carry workers compensation insurance if their employees are three or more. However, statistics say that only a few files for claims for workplace accidents because most employees have no idea what it is and if it really exists. Sad but true, some employers and insurance companies take advantage of these employees. Hence, this infographic will really help especially if you’ve been in a workplace accident lately.

2. The insurance companies will not maximize your claims. The truth is, they will try to reduce your compensation. How can they do that? When you are filing a claim, the compensation will depend on the injury and its impact on you and your family. These people are trained in the law and can go through loopholes to ensure that you will not be getting the highest possible claims.

3. Another important area you need to consider is the means of these insurance adjusters. Doctors, diagnosis, and prescriptions support your claim. However, some insurance companies would call this doctor and even ask the doctors about your case. They will try to contradict your plan for medical needs for minimizing costs on their part.

4. Receiving the benefits after the workplace accident will just console the victim but it seldom pacifies an aching person especially if he had taken good care to avoid an accident. No matter how truthful your case is, you cannot just bang big insurance companies with your claim. What you need is an expert injury attorney who can represent you in court and ensure that you get your rightful compensation.

5. However, the question is “can you hire just any lawyer to do the case for you?” The answer is a big No. Like in medicine, doctors have specializations and they can’t operate at will in a person. Choosing an attorney is essential because only workers compensation attorney have full knowledge and experience in getting compensation due to workplace accidents. It’s their specialization making them effective in it.

6. Lastly, you must understand that the law is complex. It doesn’t have a heart and sometimes it is painful to hear. That’s why when you choose for an attorney, you must set some criteria so you can filter all the available lawyers in town. Check on their education, experience, previous cases handled and his relationship with previous clients. This will give you an idea whether you can trust the lawyer or not.

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