The infographic has become an essential tool in creating content for blog posts because it allows the representation of complex information to be conveyed through an image such as a diagram or a chart. Infographics can be easily and quickly consumed by an audience, contributing to their rapidly increasing popularity.

Where to Submit your Infographics

(Pixabay / StockSnap)

It is not enough to simply create an infographic; you must ensure that it is shared. Without an audience, an infographic accomplishes nothing. To disseminate an infographic, you can send it to an infographic directory. Once published, your infographic will boost your SEO.

Here are some tips to observe when submitting your work:

  • Adjust your infographic title between sites – If you are submitting your infographic to multiple sites, be sure to mix up its title with each new submission for variety’s sake.
  • Adjust your description, too – Just as you need to change the title, you need to change the description between sites. Infographic directories do not smile on duplicated content. Make sure that you are submitting something fresh and different to each new site.
  • Read the rules – Each infographic directory has strict guidelines that must be followed. Read them thoroughly to ensure that you do not violate any rules. Most of the guidelines have requirements related to content, size, or format. Make sure that your infographics comply.

Some infographic directories will require you to register. Some have paid options while others are free. Here are some popular directories with free submission options:

Many of these directories allow you to pay extra for faster processing as well as guaranteed placement. Once you master the process, submitting infographics to directories can be a great way to get your creations out there for people to view.