Why-Security's-Necessitates-a-Digital-Visitor-Management-System Infographic

The number of visitors and the profile of these people who get in and out of your office can affect your operations especially if something unwanted happen. To avoid this from happening, you must watch over who are the people who always have transactions in your office and who are those who have something suspicious in terms of intentions. You can’t check them one by one every time they get into the facility, right? What you need is a system that will allow you to check on everyone inside the office even without the logbook. How does this digital visitor management system can help you ensure the safety and security of everyone? This infographic will answer this question.

1. The records or information about the visitor can be saved in a server that can be used whenever the same person gets inside the premise. Hence, the system can give accurate data about a visitor. This is the power of an identity security software. If you don’t have the system, you will settle with running through the logbooks which can contain inaccurate data because anyone can just right information that can’t be verified by your security guards at the time of entry.

2. Another important benefit of having a digital visitor management system is possibility of eliminating the violations of the privacy guidelines set by the company. It often happens. The visitor would flip through the pages of the logbook to see who has been there before them; and because of that they can prepare themselves, especially if they are having a sales pitch.

3. When an incident happen, the time of entry and exit of a visitor is often critical. Logbooks can be torn so that authorities can’t tell the visitors that have been inside the facility. But a digital visitor management system can take pictures of the visitors and record it in its memory that is ready for retrieval whenever it is needed. Such accurate information about the in and out of the visitors can help in certain circumstances.

4. In addition, this system also adds another layer of protection among the employees of the company. The system can improve the company’s operational efficiency and even improve given to guest because they have the knowledge on who are the important guests that are entering the facility. It also allows the company to augment its own emergency response team easily.

5. Why do you need this system? Remember that the lobby is your first line of defense. This is where transactions are made, where employees, guests and clients often gathered. If your facility lets anybody enter the place without warning, they can easily penetrate your office and bad things can happen in an instant.

6. The pen and paper logbook won’t be as effective as a digital visitor management system because it can be easily altered or people can write false information anytime they want. The truth is not everybody gives much attention on their visitor’s logbook reason why a lot of robbery happens.

source: https://www.ident.solutions/why-security-necessitates-a-digital-visitor-management-system-infographic/


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