Why winter is the right time to start building your deck Infographic

The deck serves as the focal point of your yard, and it hosts many events and moments you want to remember for the rest of your life. That is why building one is an excellent investment you can seriously consider. Unlike what most people think, building a deck during the winter is possible, and you don’t have to wait for the sunny months to build or update your outdoor living space. However, timing is essential, as well as the contractor you choose. Here’s why:

Work with the Best Contractor

Contractors are busy during the spring and summer seasons since these are the popular times to renovate or build outdoor spaces. Based on this, you can expect many contractors to be available during the winter. You can pick the best companies and opt for skilled contractors in your area. They will also have enough time to dedicate to planning and building your deck. Another factor affecting the schedule is access to building materials and weather-related delays. While building materials are better stocked during the cold months, some snow delays might occur. Knowing Denver’s sunny days, winter interruptions are minimal, and you can expect to finish your project ahead of schedule.

Opt for a Sunny Spring Day

Waiting to build your deck until you need it will result in missed time where you could be enjoying your new outdoor space. If you choose to build during the winter, there is enough time to get the appropriate permits and perform necessary inspections with all unforeseen delays considered. Building in the winter ensures you have the rest of the yard to yourself when the sunny months start rolling in.

Protect Your Current Yard

Planting and landscaping should be considered when picking a time to build a deck. The added moisture during the springtime can contribute to marks on your lawn due to supply deliveries and contractors. On the other hand, the ground is more stable and has minimal impact on the landscape of your yard during building. And when the deck is completed at the end of winter, you only have to focus on the rest of the yard and start planning to elevate the look of your outdoor space further.

Get a Stronger Build

A solid foundation for your deck is fundamental. The ground is harder during the cold months and provides a better foundation for digging. It also ensures a better settling during the summer. When it comes to building materials like pressure-treated lumber, they need time to dry. During warm and humid weather, there is an increased risk of sun warping. Unlike in winter, when the drying process is more even, there is less cracking and twisting as it adapts to weather conditions.

Similar to building your deck, staining is believed to be best done in the spring. But with, the humid weather and warping can lead to poor stain absorption. The sunlight can create watermarks by evaporating the stain. You can prevent these by finishing your deck in winter to ensure a long-lasting outdoor living space. There sure are many reasons to start building your deck in the winter. From maintaining the yard to extending the life of your deck, the cold months are the perfect time to complete everything.

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