The quality of your logo design is essential for the growth of your business. If your logo design does not resonate well with your audience, it can be harder for customers to accept and support your brand. Logo design plays a critical role in the customers’ perception of your company.

Winning Logo Designs

(Pixabay / tookapic)

Here are a few attributes of logos that sell:

  • Strong concept — Good logos do not need text or lengthy explanations to convey a distinct idea. They speak for themselves. Effective logos will capture the attention of the viewers and leave a strong impression.
  • Ingenuity — Your logo must be an original one, not just a tweak of an existing logo. It should stand out in the crowd. People must be able to identify your logo wherever they see it. You will notice that the most iconic brands have easily recognized logos.
  • Simplicity — Since logos may be used in small form for applications such as business cards, make sure that your logo looks good when you shrink it. Detailed logos may present well when they are supersized, but things get lost when they are downsized. Also, some details may not convert well to other formats like printed clothing.
  • Readability — When the name of the brand is part of the logo, it should be presented legibly for instant recognition. Be careful if you use a symbol in place of a letter, as this could result in confusion about what the symbol stands for.
  • Text or icons? — Text-based logos involve creative arrangements of letters (such as Coca-Cola) without any other visual elements. These logos can be very effective. You can also use icon logos which don’t involve any text at all (think Nike). Either of these options can make for attractive logo presentations.

Incorporating these qualities into your logo will ensure that your brand is easily recognized and remembered by consumers.