You can create the most dazzling infographics on the Internet, but they won’t get much traction unless you promote them. There are different ways to circulate your infographics, such as through paid ads. However, the most cost-efficient way to get your infographics in front of viewers is to have your audience assist you.

share your infographic

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Here are a few ideas for promoting your infographics:

  • Social media accounts – Social media is a great tool for engaging with your followers. Facebook and Twitter may not be the best mediums for an infographic, but you can still leverage them in your favor. You can take a screenshot of your infographic and upload an abbreviated version to Facebook or Twitter. You can then add an appealing description of what the infographic is about then link over to your full infographic on your own site. If you load your infographics to your favorite social media network, be prepared to interact with others. Your infographic may attract comments and that’s a great opportunity for you to build a loyal audience by replying promptly.
  • Pinterest – We listed Pinterest as an option in addition to the above-mentioned “Social media accounts” because, let’s face it, Pinterest is an animal. Pinning your infographics on Pinterest will have long-term benefits because of the staying power of the site and how much its users appreciate imagery. Conveniently, Pinterest facilitates images in portrait mode, so you don’t need to compress them before posting.
  • Post to infographics galleries – Submit your infographics to repositories such as Infographic galleries can help offer exposure for your infographics for reasonable submission rates.